milk moustache :)

hv u guys ever heard the word "fanfic" b4?
i nvr heard that word until i was kinda madly in love with suju.
so the conclusion is, only korea-addict know what is it actually.

i've read a lot of fanfic b4.
& stop reading it about 4months ago bcuz it's hard to keep on following the story & i'm not really a patient person willing to wait for the nxt part.

but yesterday, ivink, my kmph fellow mmbrs telling me dat she was reading this interesting fanfic that was 261pg's long.
so i ask her to email the fanfic.

&& now i'm addicted to the story.
spend only 3hr's to finish reading all of it.
the story was amazing.
in fact, it's actually one of the most fanfic.
the writer now is writing for season 4 already.

oh yeah, the fanfic is SNSD fanfic
& of coz it's a lesbian story.
the main couple is jessica & tiffany.
if u want, just ask me ok?

what i like the most about thos fanfic is the title
"milk moustche"
simple & sweet
& now i'm thinking bout changing my blog name to milk moustache.

2 thoughts on “milk moustache :)

.waniey jamaludin. said...

tp ko bace yang mane?
dulu ko pernah post yang suju kan

Rye Rusli said...

yup. dlu bce suju. dh ivink kasi snsd ak bce je la. best dowh. klaka, sweet, gay, gay, sdey & klaka. penat ak gelak guling2 bce.