[FANACCOUNT] 121003 T-Ara Showcase In Malaysia

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia siapa yang tahu. Tapi ternyata tuah rakanku yang bernama Nur Syafawani Jamaludin terletak di spam email beliau. It's still funny when I think bout it now.

This story is basically about my friend who enter a t-ara showcase contest made by digi and how she won a pair of rm138 worth tickets.

Digi actually already announce and email all the winner from the contest on monday. But unfortunately, for my friend, instead of inbox, the email goes into her spam, so basically she didn't notice and aware that she won the contest until she open her spam on wednesday which is actually the day of the showcase.

When she tweet about she win a pair of tix on twitter, me dgn x tau malunye g volunteer myself to go to the showcase with her. Why? well, because when she tweeted it, my class just finished, and who doesn't want to  go to see t-ara for free right?

So dgn kabutnye, ak yg brade di melaka and waniey yg berada di johor pn mula memacking barang masing2 tanpa mngetahui cara2 ntuk ke venue tersebut and tanpa mngetahui dimana kteorang nk tido pd mlm tsebut. Since waniey already made a promised with her friends, so she gerak from jb at 3.30pm and me who have no plan gerak from melaka at 1.30pm.

As you can see from the picture above, the winner need to collect their tix from 1.00pm to 8.00pm, but since waniey can't make it on time, i have to be the one who collect the tix for her. 

I've been to many kpop concert before, i'm not bragging bout all those concert that i've been before, but my point is actually, although i've been to a lot of kpop concert before, but none was held at Dewan Wawasan PGRM. Heck, i never even heard of PGRM before and how am i even supposed tp know how to get there?

But thanx to eza, she manage to ask her brother how to get there by public and tweeted me the direction to go there. It's actually quite easy. All i have to do is just take a star lrt to maluri and i can walk to PGRM from there.

A pair of tix that won by waniey. I try to look at other people who come at the concert tix, on their tix, there are price stated there, but as for ours, nop. It's free bebeh!

the hand banner given for free from my t-ara. 
i don't even know what it means. but who cares, it's free!

in the hall. waiting for the concert to start.

here's one thing. i don't hv a single pic of t-ara's from the showcase that i can share with you guys. 1stly is because of my lame camera that i've bought 3 years ago and 2nd, i'd rather watching and enjoy the show than take pictures. i do records all the perf actually, but like what i've said, my camera is lame so the quality is super bad. sorry bout that.

but here is some of the pic that i managed to save from some random site. if you want more, u can look here or here.

i never really noticed of boram before, but her shortness, small head and puffy hair on that night just make me fall for her so hard. and that pout. god!

hyomin & jiyeon heart

it's soyeon birthday. saengil chukkahae leader shhi.

soyeon and jiyeon take selca by using fans polaroid. me jealous ><

i like this moment the best. it was during self introduction part. jiyeon mic is broken so she decided to share mic with soyeon. instead of talking, it looks like they were kissing. i was screaming like crazy at the back! 

During the night, there are total seven songs perf by t-ara and one encore song. The event started with a perf from local act that i don't even know what his name is.

T-ara begin the showcase by performing their hit song which is roly poly. I know t-ara got like a lot of hit song, but this particular song is the one that actually bring them to the top and make them one of the big hallyu star.

After roly poly, they stop and introduce themselves. T-ara mmbrs speak in malay is like the cutest thing ever. They were just talking but still, the voice is full of aegyo. I don't know if they were faking it or they really talk like that but i swear no one can say "aku cinta padamu" and "terima kasih" as cute as t-ara mmbrs.

Next, they proceed with the other hit song which is "lovey dovey". Ok, from this point i don't really remember how the showcase go but the other 5 songs that they perf on that night are "why are you like this", "i go crazy because of you", "day by day", "bo beep" and "sexy love". As for the encore, they sing "roly poly" once again.

It's not like they only sing for the whole night, there are actually one game session where 2 lucky audiences can go up to the stage and dance to any t-ara song. Both of the lucky audiences for the night are chinese boys if i'm not wrong and both of them decided to dance to roly poly.

Oh, before that, t-ara mmbr actually seperate and form 2 diff group. mmbrs from group one are boram, hyomin and eunjung and as for the rest, soyeon, qri, jiyeon and areum are in group two. Long story short, the guy from group two win, and guess what? he won a mirage album and can take pic with t-ara mmbrs by using his phone. i mean, how awesome is that? I don't know if that guy was shy or what, but instead of him hugging all those mmbrs, it's the mmbrs who hugging him. KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Then what? Oh yeah, just when we thought the showcase was over, after like 10-20mins of nothingness, all of the sudden the mc decided to announce that lucky fans can come to the stage and high-5 with all the mmbrs. But how come u call it lucky fans when it's actually only those who bought the VIP tix that can high-5 with the mmbrs? tch!

Lastly, after the high-5 sessions, after those who doesn't bought the VIP tix get out from the hall and building, the orginizer decided to bring out soyeon birthday cake. i mean, really? just now? when they are barely people left in the house then u think it's the best time for the fan to sing a birthday song to her and cut the cake? i just don't get it. luckily i'm still there to sing her a birthday song.

I think that's it for the showcase. The rest is only the pic of me messing around.

waniey touching jiyeon.....?

waniey and me with qri and boram at the back

and now it's hyomin......?

so i've decided to touch areum......?

me and waniey with eunjung

with eunjung banner.
it's not mine thou.

waniey with my t-ara hand banner

hyomin + eunjung
still not ours

si pemeluk tiang

touchy waniey

the polite me

i think that's it. till next time. salam.

2 thoughts on “[FANACCOUNT] 121003 T-Ara Showcase In Malaysia

Anonymous said...

" Then what? Oh yeah, just when we thought the showcase was over, after like 10-20mins of nothingness, all of the sudden the mc decided to announce that lucky fans can come to the stage and high-5 with all the mmbrs. But how come u call it lucky fans when it's actually only those who bought the VIP tix that can high-5 with the mmbrs? tch!"
Do you know how furious I am when reading this..The high5 event is already planned, duh. Actually it's not supposed to be a high5 event, it's supposed to be a fansign event! But the stupid organizer change it at last minute =_= FYI, the 1st 120fans who bought the VVIP ticket can attend the fansign event (that changed to hi5, curse you jazzy group). So don't be so ignorant..

.waniey jamaludin. said...

bapak panjang~
hai sy baru teringat kewujudan blogsipot