[Album] IU - Last Fantasy (Special Edition)

Album ni dibeli skali dgn album Big Bang Alive hr tu. Perancangan asal adlh utk review album ni slps review album Big Bang. Tapi slps review album Big Bang, malangnye diri ter'distract' sebentar gara2 SNSD nk dtg msia. Then ingtkn nk review within last week, ade test plak this week. So, oleh kerana test dh hbs, esok pn dh nk start cuti, boleh la kn nk review album ni.

Last Fantasy by IU ni actually dh lme dh release. If i'm not wrong, it's somewhere around november last yr. Oleh kerana time tu duit tarak, so sem ni la bru ade duit nk beli pn. Tu pn nsb baek supplier ade lg "special edition" ni. Since they only produced about either 50k,150k (i'm not even sure anymore), i consider myself as lucky to owned this.

Tamau review pasal lgu or mbebel pnjg.
Just nk tunjuk pic mnunjukkn betapa osemnye album ni.

Cover of the Special Edition ver.
It's quit thick actually. Forget to take pic from another angle.

the front and the backside of the postcard that came with the album.

to open the album, there's actually 2 sides that need to flip off.
don't really know how to show it thou.
the album, photocard and story book is in the middle.

below are the story book that came with last fantasy special edition.
if i'm not wrong, the story was wrote by IU itself and even the cartoon were drawn by her.
she sure is talented XD


for special edition, the only difference is the outside box packaging and it comes with that story book (i guess). so as for cd, it's actually in the normal edition last fantasy album that were in special edition packaging. do u understand what i'm trying to say? naaaa, it doesn't matter.

apparently, for the normal edition, there are 2 sides that need to flip of too.
the cd is in the middle and the photobook is below the cd.

front cover, song list, some lyrics and pictures and the back cover of the photobook.

since i bought this album like few weeks ago, so i'm not that excited while writing this post. i forget what i originally want to brag about this album. oh yeah, i supposed to come with a poster, but since it's already out of stock, i don't have it T_T

i guess that's it for my album review this time. i think i'll only make a review again (maybe) during infinite or beast comeback or when i found a supplier who sell "oppa oppa" jap. ver with a reasonable prices.

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Anonymous said...

Interested to sell this album?? i want it badly :(