[Album] Big Bang 5th Mini Album - Alive

After what Big Bang member have gone through last year, it doesn't break their spirit and stop them in making a good music and releasing an awesome album. Last February 29th, they have comeback with 5th Mini Album called "Alive". I personally think that the title of the album itself show that they still "alive" after all the hard thing that they've gone through.

There are 7 tracks that have been included in this album which all of the song (except wings) is composed and written personally by G-Dragon with the help of other writer and composer.

I personally like the song in this album a lot and it is yet the best album of the year so far. Big Bang never released a song that I don't like and the type of the song that they sing just suit with the harmony of the voices of all 5 members.

In this post I'm not going to comment about all the songs in the album but I just want to talk about the physical preferences of the album that I just got today.

Their 5th Mini Album come with 6 covers which are all 5 members personal cover and 1 group cover. Since my bias in Big Bang is T.O.P, I've tried to order the album with his cover but unfortunately what's left are only GD, Taeyang & Seungri cover so I got myself a copy of GD cover.

This is one of the biggest parcel that i've got so far. It's actually because of the supplier wrapped the album with the tube that contain the poster.

The default cover of the album

G-Dragon Cover

The grey box that have big bang font and big bang logo on it is actually made of steel. It's kinda cool and I love it a LOT! As for the blue thing, it is the photo and lyrics book.

The CD design. Since this is GD version, so it got GD name on it.

And apparently because it's GD ver, it comes with GD photocard too. What I like the most about this photocard is it made of plastic instead of hard paper like other photocard that I used to got.

The cover of photo & lyrics book. It turn out to be when u bought a GD ver, the photobook also only contains of lyrics and GD photo's with 2 page of group photo.

2 out of 7 lyrics

Free poster

Bila ak decided nk beli album ni dgn jujurnya ak rasa ia agak berisiko. Ye la, ak bknnye fanatic mne sgt pn kt Big Bang ni, just ske dekat T.O.P yg macho dgn lagu2 mreka yg best ngan suara2 mereka yg sedap je. Lg2 ni just mini album and it's price is the same as the price when i bought Mr.Simple ver.A. Tapi bile ak dh bukak parcel and pegang album tersebut, regret no more. Wlaupn waktu bsama hnye sekejap cuz lps tu ak nk kne g klas, ak mmg sgt ske la packaging album ni. YG mmg TERBAIKKKK!