[ Review ] A-Cha

i can't blieve i'm doing album review 2 post in a row.
i think u guys just hv to bear with that.

this time i wont make a full review.
just want to review the album physically.

[ Album Cover ]

front cover

back cover

oh no, i'm not buying 2 album.
actually one of it belong's to waniey & the other one of coz mine.

[ Overall Image ]

[ Inside The Album ]

[ Photocard ]

[ Comment ]

tbe2 rse sgt mnyesal la bli album ni.
dh la xde poster, xde random photocard,
then CD design sucks plak tu dsertakan xde photobook.

yg lg geram nye, sumpah la album ni sgt shitty shit shit kn klu nk compare dgn SNSD The Boys.
lu mmg bikin gua panas la SM!

oh kemon, concept dh la simple nk mmpus.
siyesly? just pkai all black and pose with old camera?
really SM? REALLY?

ak pnye la eksited blk umah this week nk ambk album ni,
tp sumpah tsangat sangatlah dissapointed.
at least ver.A ade poster, random photocard, and that big solo photocard.
ver.B pn ade poster, random photocard & 56 pages photobook.
but ver.C? no poster, no random photocard, no photobook,
just a small solo photocard with stupid shitty shitty outfit and lame old camera.
there u go, my rm60. i'm wasting it JUST LIKE THAT!

ak harap info suju xkn buat album for the nxt 2 yr's mjadi knyataan.
sgt kecewa, sgt sgt tsentap, owh, tpana.

my suju album so far.
Bonamana Ver.C, 5jib ver.A, ver.B & ver.C
actually ade ss2 DVD but tggl dkt hostel.

akhir kata, sgt kecewa.