MTV World Stage, Tutti Frutti & Subway

this post is a tribute for those who gv me an awesome birthday ever.
it's actually one of my most memorable birthday ever.

y i said it so super duper freaking awesome?
cuz i got to met one of my handsome bias on my birthday.
who? my beast brother in law and my though son nam shin a.k.a dongwoon

if u want to make my nxt yr birthday more awesone than this,
i think u need to bring my kim heechul.
but i that's kinda too much.

MTV World Stage was totally a blast.
with those amazing line up artists such as Pop-Shuvit, Beast, Neon Trees and 30 Seconds to Mars. The crowd so energetic and superb except for those kpop antis. Actually we want to stay until at the end of the show but since the antis are so freaking annoying, we just decide to get back after beast perf and let them enjoy their own fav artists on they're own.

ok, enuff with the bragging, just take a look at those pics below.

this are the people who made my day

alang2 dh ade kt iCity kn, so y not take some pictures and the beautiful place.

After take some pictures at iCity, we decided to rest a lil bit at secret recipe. but still, we also bought other food from tutti frutti and subway. Thanx a LOT LOT LOT ain for the tutti frutti and sandwich. She actually belanja me those that's worth more than rm30. Tharu sgt2 tp air mata x kuar je time tu. Tenkiu so much babe!!!

Thanx for other people who wish me by post it on my fb wall and send me text over the phone. Since i hide my birthday on fb so there's no many people who post it on my wall but for those who actually rmmbr it, thank u so much. Real friend doesn't need reminder on fb doesn't she?

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