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3 reasons why Korean artists are the craze

The development of entertainment industry in East Asia especially in South Korea or referred as K-pop, not only affects the country’s creative and entertainment industry growth, it is also feared that they spread negative influence and over obsession.

For the time being, concern upon the craze of the society towards Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong artists are more to the commercial aspect of local entertainment industry against social problems.

The greatness of Korean artists is said, not only from perfect physical aspect but also offer attitude content and identity based on three factors: ethos (character), pathos (emotion) and logos (logic).

Among the Korean artists that succeeded in making a name in Hollywood is Lee Byun Hyun (GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Rain (Ninja Assassin) and Daniel Henney (X-Men Origins) while Wonder Girls is phenomenal in Asia, America and Europe through the song Nobody.

In terms of social negative influence, over obsession with artists can bring to violence and suicide because among the radical actions Korean artists like to do are, including the latest case, Winter Sonata’s popular actor Park Yong Ha who hung himself.

On the contrary, South Korea is one of the countries with highest suicide cases, approximately 14 to 15 cases out of 100000 residents. Malaysia is not excluded as our statistics show 7 out of 100000 Malaysian residents die of the same away in the last 15 years.

Korean entertainment influence also becomes the reason of violence if taking into account a previous case last year where a 15 year old girl accused was raped by her father’s friend after she was decoyed by the man to watch a latest Korean film.


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Physiatric expert, University Malaya (UM) Medical Faculty, Prof Dr Hussain Habil said parents need to monitor their children because over fanatic towards artists can lead to an individual losing control of himself.

“Most teenagers are crazy over Korean artists and this inflicts concern in the community, moreover Korean artists are synonym with suicidal cases. Although there’s no suicide case relating to Korean artists yet, parents still need to monitor their children as it is already happening abroad.”

Besides that, extreme promotion of Korean artists to fans leads to negative influences such as excessive spending of money to purchase and collect their favourite artist’s merchandise, free socializing and inappropriate way of wearing clothes.

“To control these parents need to play their role and keep an eye on their children’s spending and encourage them to concentrate on other things which are more beneficial. Interest cannot be blocked but it should be in a controlled way.”


Fanatic fans of South Asian artists are willing to spend all their money to buy collections for their idols, and there is who claimed they have already spent RM15000 (5013 USD) in only 2 years.

Farhana (not real name), 26, said her interest towards Korean artists have started after knowing SS501 two years ago and is willing to spend thousands of money just to get merchandise of the group like CDs and DVDs imported from Korea.

“I also purchase photo books, posters, magazines, socks, pillow cases, pens, cups, shirt, phone straps, fridge magnets, calendars, and many more. There was once I was travelling in Korea while getting SS501’s things.”

“Other people may think what I do is wastage, but I think it is worth it to have a big collection of things relating to SS501. Not only are their looks, but their songs and dance the main attraction.”

A shop in Times Square that sells Kpop merchandises here are not only focus of attention local fans, but also foreign fans from Singapore, Pakistan and Arab Saudi.

Siti Sarah Izzaty, 18, tells she have once spent over RM150 (50 USD) just for the items of her favourite idol and so far her RM600 (200 USD) pocket money has gone and replaced by Super Junior merchandises.

Alongside admitting lack of interest towards local artists that are still influenced and counting on creativity of foreign artists, she said the quality of video clips, drama, films and personality of local artists are much left behind compared to Korean artists, where their video clips are like short dramas that catches attention easily.

For Nur Irza Shahdarul Mardhiyah, the content of local variety shows is not interesting enough to bring the community closer to local artists while in Korea, there are lots of variety programs such as Oh My School, Music Bank and Two Days One Night, which bring out the real character of the artists and attract fans to continue following the respective icons.

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Source: 1, 2. Berita Harian dated 24 April 2011, Sunday.

Translated by jaebi.