SS3 Malaysia

ak rse rmai yg x tau lg kot. wlaupn ak dh g SS3 dkt SG bln jan lepas, tp ak dgn bajet kayanye turut pegi SS3 Msia last week.

kali ni ak x amek pix sgt. just sit back, relax & enjoy the show.

actually ade je pic. tp kabel camera ak mcm xnk bg kjesama. dh la xde memory card reader. so mmg x bley nk wat pe la.

tatap je la gmbr2 kt bwh. tp sori la, xde gmbr suami. just ade gmbr ak bsame madu & ipar2 yg laen.

me & k.pae
kami adlh madu yg sggup bkongsi suami

me & k.fatin aliaa
adik ipar la kot since suami die adlh siwon & kyu

oh yeah, kali ni pegi bsame yani

fatin, bf beliau & yani

k.fieza, wan, atin & me
bini kyu, dua bini hae & bini hee

ain smgt update twitter

yesung banner

hee banner

me, wan & atin

k.fieza sdg mcari org yg handle project kyu


actually nk sgt upload pic banner2 project2 yg ade. tp tu la kn, dh x bley, nk wat cane.

wlaupn ni kali ke-2 pegi SS3, sumpah x mnyesal. lagi2 list perf lil bit diff from SS3 SG. ade teuk solo (sumpah sedap & best), hyuk solo perf with down from jason derulo, too perfect perf by suju-M & the mmbr actually change their veggie costume during cooking,cooking song.

tp lil' bit frustrated la sbb most of the time heechul just sit at the back stage. time lgu no other xde, lady heehee xde, then time lgu cooking,cooking pn xde gak. last2 ble ELF sume jerit "KIM HEECHUL" bru die nk kuar.

but still, it was worth it. x tau la ak akn g SS4 ke x nxt yr. cuz klu heechul xde mcm x best la kn?

this week gonna be the last SS3 which will be held at Vietnam. after that suju will focus on Suju-M promotion & preparation for 5th album. can't wait for their comeback since it's gonna be the last album with 83 line. hope there's gonna be special package or sthing. don't really care how much the price gonna be.


2 thoughts on “SS3 Malaysia

Shahirah bt Che Rusli said...

Cuba la belanja adik ni pulak -_-

kimchisu said...

ok jeles anda dpt pegi..wawawawa