SS3 Singapore (pic ver)

post kali ni ak upload pix dlu.
after this bru ak stori, ok?
lgpn korang bkn nk bce pn ak stori pnjg2.

check it out!!!

singapore indoor arena stadium

the tix that worth it!

kt luar stadium tggu mse nk jumpe suami & adk beradik ipar

inside the stadium. wait for the show to start.

antara warganegara msia yg sggup ke singapore ntuk jmpe suami.

the show start with sorry, sorry.

teukie & minnie flying with a balloon

heechul otw to my spot.

heechul at my spot. kyaaaaa!!!

my namja chingu

minnie with ELFs camera



wookie solo ft. minnie

siwon solo

hyuk & hae solo

henry solo

henry with baby from justin bieber


tok, tok, tok!

SJ-T once again

the great heenim!

they been walking around the stadium

sungmin pose for the cam

wookie with a towel

wookie at my spot

wookie & minnie

zhou mi solo

lady heehee

chullie during hate u, love u.

evil kyu!

kyu during in my dream

siwon act dorky

siwon at my spot.

i hv no idea what siwon & hae been doing

during you are the one

yesung solo

it has to be you

shirtless siwon



salad teukie

beansprout hyukkie

they been shaking with the beansprout, not his hand.

he's been staying like dat for a minute

after dat he held his head up

my chillie

chillie & beansprout

vegetables on the stage

who want some salad?

hyuk come again!

heechul with a "hee" flag

hee, wonnie, & dong dong


wookie & kyu


evil maknae

the show is about to end

heechul come for the last time


2 thoughts on “SS3 Singapore (pic ver)

- E3el@ :)- said...

uhhh hebat la akk!
snggu p ke sngapore!
fighting suju!

- E3el@ :)- said...

uhhh hebat la akk!
snggu p ke sngapore!
fighting suju!