8tv Nite Live

this morning, when i log in my twitter account,
8tv nite live tweet & ask if there's anyone who blog about B2ST Showcase.
bcuz i did blog about it, i tweet them my blog link.

few hours ago, bout 9.20pm, 8tv nite live reply my tweet & said;
" thanks =) will feature your blog tonight "

they say will, so i don't know yet either they gonna read it or not.
kinda excited and nervous at the same time
cuz i wrote it in a broken malay language.

we'll see.
so, don't forget to watch 8tv night live tonight.
not bcuz they will read my blog,
but bcuz they will talk about B2ST showcase yesterday
and today fans meeting.

*pergh, gile poyo ak tulis blog full in english*

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