That name, Kim Heechul

WARNING: cte ni sgt2 GAY. ak search psl heechul && bende ni yg ak jmpe. siyesly, SGT GAY! tp ble bce rse cam klaka ++ mengong pn ade. klu x ske, jgn bce.


It's only been a year and he left love one. When i think about it, I blame only one person. That person is me, if only I didn't get so angry so quickly and easily. Then maybe it would of never happened. If only I learned how to keep my temper in, then he wouldn't of ran away. If...if only i wasn't so stubborn. If only i ran after him and try to make him understand, then maybe it would of never happened. It felt like it was just yesterday that I met him...his forever name...carved in my heart..."kim heechul"...

"Hi I'm Kim Heechul, I'll be your new secretary"
I look up to face the most beautiful human being on earth. His hair was pitch black...dark, it looked smooth and silky and soft and...I just wanted to touch his hair. His skin...pure...white...smooth...white and snow white, or even whiter. His beautiful lips, so pink pretty, I wish that i can kiss his beautiful lips and make it mine.
"um...excuse me"
The guy name Kim Heechul spoke again, this time I came back to my senses. I shook my head a bit.
"ah sorry"
I look down at the folder infront of me, Kim Heechul, what a beautiful name, wow his parents really know how to name him, matches him perfectly. I scan his transcript quickly, not even bothering to look at other things.
"so seems to me that you already have experience in this kind of field right?"
"yes I have"
Within me, I smile secreatly to myself, like a fool, like an idiot. I stood up and stuck out my hand for a shake.
"congratualations, the job is officially yours"
This Kim Heechul guy, his face burst into a wonderful smile, he took my hand and shook it frantically.
"thank you soooo much, thank you"
He shook my hand and kept on bowing at the same time, I thought was really cute. He stops and looks up at me.
"when do I start?"
"you can start right now, today"
I nodded my head yes
"here let me take you to your place, follow me please"
Heechul followed me outside of my office to a desk about not so far from the door.
"this is your new desk, you can add anything you want, after all it's yours now"
"ah thank you"
Heechul goes behind the desk and pulls the chair to sit, I was about to head back into my office when heechul called for me.
"excuse me, but can you please tell me your name?"
"ah yes, I'm Choi Siwon"
"ah thank you Mr. Choi for accepting me"
Hearing how Heechul addressed me, I blushed a bit.
" don't have to call me by that, it makes me feel old, just call me Siwon"
"ah thank you then Siwon"

Yes...just like that and I fell in love with you, but I never told you that I loved you secreatly inside. I would wait patiently until you bring me my morning coffee, whenever you came through that door, I just want to attack you, pin you under me and tell you how much I've fallen in love with you...Kim Heechul.

Heechul looks up immediately
"are you going to do anything after work?"
Heechul looks up to the ceiling thinking for awhile, then he looks back at me and shakes his head.
"no, i'm just gonna go home, why? did you want me to finish some work for you? i can you know"
I giggled to myself and shake my head no
"no i don't want you to finish work for me, you've been doing a great job. I was just wondering if you wanted to go on with me after work"
Heechul's face beamed with joy
"sure, since i got nothing to do"
I gave him an "okay" sign then retreated back to my office. Closing the door behind me, i jumped around the room like an idiot.
heechul screams right into his cellphone
"aish...hyung i'm still sleeping what do you want?"
"guess what"
"you know about the guy i told you about"
"choi siwon...CHOI SIWON my boss, well guess what"
"he asked me out on a date after work, i'm so happy"
kibum yawns right into the phone
"you called to tell me this only?"
"yes...aren't you happy for me?"
"yes i am hyung, now let me get some sleep, i've gotta work early tomorrow, unlike someone i know"
kibum hangs up the phone, heechul looks at his cellphone screen
" rude"
I didn't know where to take heechul my princess...ah yes i know. I've been calling him my princess he doesn't know that i've been calling him that. If he knew...i wonder how he'll react? But anyways, we decided to go watch a comedy movie at the theatre.
"hm...siwon...let's watch..."shaolin soccor" my brother told me it's a funny movie"
After the hilarous movie, heechul wouldn't stop talking about it. After the movie i decided to stop at a resteraunt, since it seemed like the both of us was hungry.
"so...who do you live with?"
i asked heechul, i wanted to get to know him better, so this is the chance.
"i'm living with my younger brother kibum"
"where's your parents?"
"oh their still in the states"
"states? why so far?"
" dad's business is there, and since me and kibum don't like it so much, my parents said that we can go back to live in korea so we did"
"oh i see"
I said while nodding my head
"so who do you live with siwon?"
"me? well...i live by myself"
heechul's eyes that shocking to him?
"aren't you scared?"
"no why?"
"well...if it was me...i would be soooo scared, i can't stand living by myself. too quiet"
i chuckled at his answer
"well...i have maids and butler around my house, so it's not that quiet"
"oh i see, where's your parents?"
"their always in a different place"
"huh? why?"
"our business is big, it's huge, and my parents have spread their business all around asia, so their never home. So i basically live by myself"
heechul stabs his straw into his cup full of ice, i look at him for a bit
"ready to go home?"
heechul looks up at me and nods, me and heechul got into the car. his hands was on his lap...i sooo wanted to grab it and tell him that i love him. but i refused to, finally i reached heechul's house, after getting lost for quite a bit, i think i only did that so that i can spend more time with my princess. i'm such a fool, heechul opens the door and steps out of the car.
"thanks for the movie and dinner siwon"
"ah no problem"
"see you tomorrow then"
i nodded my head, he closes the door and waves "goodbye" to me, i watch him reach the gate. inside of me there's this voice that keeps on saying tell him you idiot, this is your only chance. since i couldn't take the voice anymore, i opened my door stepped out and yelled for his name.
heechul stops and turns around, i closed the car door and ran up to him.
"did you forget something?"
heechul gives me a questioning look, i swear it was sooo cute. geez i sound like a girl right now, but who gives.
"um...i...i...i just wanted to say...good night"
heechul smiles and nods
"yeah same to you too"
he turns around, his hand lands on the gate knob, behind him i'm scratching my head, just when heechul opens the gate door, i grab his arm and swigs him around to face me.
"what's wrong siwon? what do you want to say now?"
i grab both of his shoulders, i take in a deep breath...look down at the cold rock cement then back to my princess face.
"you what?"
I pull heechul in and our lips touched, heechul didn't move, nor did his mouth. i felt like i've done something wrong...i immediately pull myself away
i quickly turn around and walk off, i'm about there to my car when someone hugs me from the back
"what...what...what does that mean siwon? if you love me don't confuse me please"
hearing this, a smile appear on my face, i slowly remove the arms around my waist and face my princess. i wipe the tears that is coming from his eyes, i lean down and kiss his crying eyes.
"what are you talking about heechul, i do love you, when you didn't response to my action, i got worried and felt that maybe you didn't feel the same way i did"
heechul only smile at me
"of course i do, ever since i saw you on tv"
i give him a questioning look
"on tv?"
"mm hmm"
heechul nods cutely at me
"i saw you on the news, and i said to myself, "wow this man choi siwon is sooo handsome" and one my friend knows you"
"really who?"
"yeah he's the old that told me that you needed a secretary, so that's why i applied before anyone can"
I smile at him, he's so sneaky
"thank goodness you did"
i tilt heechul's chin up and lay a deep kiss on his lips...

That was his first kiss that's what he told me that Kim Heechul, our relationship was like paradise. nothing can break it, nothing can go wrong, nothing can stop me loving him...or so i thought...but it started that morning...that awful morning. when she...yes she came to visit me...her...that ex girlfriend. out of the blues she came to visit me at my house, it was good thing heechul didn't sleep over, if he did he would of saw her...or so i thought. around 10 that morning, heechul came to surprise visit me, he just appear at my door out of no where. and guess what...boa was still here...i was soooo worried, i didn't want to reject him, because i've never done that to him before. so i let him in, of course him and boa met, at first nothing went wrong. they both got along with each other, not such a big problem right? as lunch got closer and the maids finished cooking, i wanted to sit sooo badly next to heechul, but no, boa forced me to sit next to him. when heechul saw this he didn't say anything at first. but when he saw boa feeding me, pampering me infront of him, he didn't even look up at us once. he just got up from the table and told me that he was full, he went straight upstairs. right after lunch i told boa that i had to go to work for a meeting so she left. after she left i went upstairs too to find him. he was in our room looking at our photo.

"why? why didn't you tell me that you already had a girlfriend?"
"heechul look she's not my girlfriend, she's my ex"
"i don't believe you, why did she tell me that she was your girlfriend and that you guys is going to get engage"
"what engage??? what are you talking about chullie, the only one i'm going to get engage with is you"
i try to hug him, but he pushes me off of him and stood up, staring down at me, my anger started to boil up because he believed in boa's words...and not mine
"so your going to believe her instead?"
heechul only nods
"what the f*ck heechul, after we've been together, and then someone comes and tells you a lie then you believe them? what about me heechul!"
i basically yelled at him, a tear came out of his eyes, i didn't bother to wipe it away
"tell me the truth siwon, you knew about this engagement didn't you? she even gave me an invatation!"
heechul threw the invitation at me, yup i was screw...i didn't know how to explain it to him. yes my mother...she told me that she was going to engage me to right?
"i hate you choi siwon"
heechul takes off outside...i'm still shocked that he found out...i couldn't even move my legs. later that night, i decided to call him, so i rang him up on his cell phone but he didn't pick up. i'm guessing he's still mad at me, so i rang up his house phone but still no one picked up. after awhile i gave up, i turn on the tv and decided to watch the NEWS...something i don't like to watch, but somehow that night i felt like watching it.
"any accident news today dana?"
"well yes, surprisingly only one accident today, and it wasn't car to car accident, it was actually a human and car accident today. stephanie has the news to this, to you stephanie"
the screen switches to stephanie infront of a street where the accident had occurr
"thank you dana, today around 4:30 pm, there was a horrible accident. the accident involved a guy and a car" that never happens...
"the person that was described that was involved in the accident was a guy name Kim Heechul"
hearing heechul's name i look immediately at the screen, they showed the scene, the broken glass, blood, my dropped deeply badly....i was worried....i didn't know what to do....
"heechul was raced immediately to Seoul Hospital, and we were told that he did not survive the accident, they took him in too late. by the time they took him in he already lost too many blood"
i swear...i could of died along with heechul, i immediately pick up my cell phone and dialed hankyung's number
"hey siwon did you hear the news?"
"his funeral is this friday until monday...make sure you attend alright"
click, hankyung hangs up on me...i put down my phone and tears streams down my face like waterfall

That was the last time i ever got the chance to talk with you heechul...the last time...and i couldn't even say goodbye to you...and tell you that i love you forever. there's so many things i want to tell you so many things. there's a box...a box full of letters on my desk...apologies letters...ever since your death, every night i would sit and write it one to you...telling you that i'm sorry. i'm sorry heechul...only if i ran after you and made you understand name will be forever carved in my heart...that name Kim Heechul

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