SS2 at Manila

the last super show 2 will be held at manila,philiphine on 10th april.
for those who doesn't go to SS2 yet, hurry up.
the ticket also cheaper than SS2 at Msia.
the cheapest is only rm77!

ok,takat tu je la ak promot.
kn suju blk Korea mlm ahd kn?
smlm ble ak bkk blog org laen, sume dh busy wat keje laen.

heechul ade interview dgn radio pe ntah yg amek die jd DJ
shindong dh wat record ntuk show tv
siwon pnye cte plak dh kluar kt tv (korea pnye la)
sume dh busy dgn aktvt laen.
x smpt nk rest pn.
sian kn?

blog ak ni dh jd mcm blog elf plak