90's are still great

i like this song damn much.
i remember that i always rewind the casset(did i spell it right?) over & over again just to listen to this song.
i cry when i watched it after a long time.
my love-westlife.

who doesn't noe m2m?
they r cute & hv a cute voice. not 4get a great song.
i used to cry when i listen to this song 4 the 1st time.
the day you went away-m2m

i miss this video.
justin still hv maggie hair during this time.
i love them!

they're hot during 90's & getting older now.
this video is karaoke instrumental version.
you can sing along with it.
spice girl-wannabe

isn't she's cute.
we all noe that she's got into a lot of trouble when she's broke up with JT.
her life turns miserable since that.
but look at this video, we just miss the old her right?
sometimes-britney spears

i love this video!
the guys, costume, dances. it's awsome.
they are the 1st boyband that i like.

well, there's a lot more great singer and groupies during 90's.
But i can't recall all of it.
Lgu2 skarng bkn x best but..
idk. sthing missing with song nowadays.
or, maybe it just me.

3 thoughts on “90's are still great

nabeelahebat said...

ouh,orang2 lama la~

.waniey tergojes. said...

rye...karoeka jom...

Anonymous said...


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